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Welcome to the website of DJ Pilot !!

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Welcome to the website of DJ Pilot! Take a look around here at the website of DJ Pilot, read his biography, found out some more information about his style and if you just came for some entertainment, go to the News-Gallery to watch some pictures and video’s of his latest gigs. Music Mixtapes will be available soon!

Take it to the Next Level … Scream & Shout!!  – DJ Pilot

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Repair Service DJ Gear

Looking for servicing your DJ Gear in (the vicinity of) Amsterdam?

We can restore for instance faders, hotcues, cues, playbuttons, EQ's, connections, PCB's of dj-mixers, cd-players and live-mixers.

For instance dj gear from Pioneer like the cdj-1000's (mk1, mk2, mk3), cdj-2000, djm-600, djm700, djm800, djm900, djm1000.

For information about prices, check out: